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Closed-Cell Spray Foam UPC 2.0 High Lift HFO

UPC 2.0 High Lift HFO closed-cell spray foam is based on the 3rd generation and offers one of the highest R-values per inch. UPC customers can save material and labor costs with fewer products required to meet stringent R-value requirements. UPC 2.0 High Lift HFO is a drop-in place replacement to HFC blown foams.


  • R-value of  7.9 @ 1”
  • Yield Up To 5,000 Board Feet
  • Formulated for Up To 4” Pass Thickness
  • Appendix X Approved 
  • Contains no CFCs or HCFC Blowing Agents
  • GWP of 1
  • Easy-to-install Formula
  • Intertek CCRR Accredited
  • Intertek Clean-Air Gold Certified

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